3 Ways How Cuddling Time Helps with a Quick Dog Health Check Up

Like you pay attention to your little puppy’s physical and mental needs, you must also fulfill their emotional needs regularly. Catering to all aspects of your furry companion’s health is necessary for their overall wellbeing. So, if you are generally a distant person, consider reading books on human-animal bonding and the benefits both of you can reap with a few cuddles.

Connect with your dog through loving snuggles often to accomplish emotional health goals. Know that your puppy needs touch like other mammals to feel comforted and reassured. For instance, hand feeding your pup, giving them a high five hand to paw, spooning while sleeping, and being by their side during a natural calamity sends positive vibes to your furry pal.

Remember helping acts have a better impact than comforting words, which is why you should consider purchasing pet health insurance. We agree your dog needs moral support, but that isn’t enough to diagnose and cure your furry pet. Cheap pet insurance helps provide superior medical care to your fur baby in pain and discomfort without having to focus too much on the finances involved during unanticipated puppy health situations.

Reflect on how best you can support your furry pup suffering from a distressing health condition. In the meantime, read this article to learn three ways to perform a quick health investigation during the brief cuddling sessions with your pup to detect any physical changes and potential medical issues early.

1.Physical body examination

Slowly run your hand over your furry canine’s body while you both watch TV or listen to songs and relax on the couch on a quiet evening. Check for any unusual bumps, sores, wounds, rashes, hot spots, inflammations, bald patches, etc., under the hair. For instance, most of the above signs point to skin conditions. A few belly scratches and back rubs are enough to identify these abnormalities quickly.

2.Make an eye contact

Encourage your furry pet to make eye contact by holding their favorite treat or toy in your hand at eye level. Without these items, your puppy may choose to observe other exciting things happening in the room, like activities of other fur babies, kids, prized possessions, toy collections, etc. So, gaze fondly into your fur companion’s eyes to check for fluid discharge, watery signs, eye redness, inflammation, red eye rims, and other not-so-common signs to identify eye problems.

3.Look into the ears

Give your furry pup some ear scratches, face rubs, mock a grooming session, etc. Do whatever it takes to get a clear view of your puppy’s ears. A formal ear inspection during bath time can be more evident for your pup, who is used to the routine and may resist the chore, so get a peek on other days using the simple techniques mentioned above.

Do you realize how easily you can perform a basic puppy health checkup in the guise of a cuddling session? Try these hacks with your furry baby when you get some private time with them. However, having a pet health insurance policy surely helps. Consider buying cheap pet insurance, at least, if you can’t afford the more expensive policies¬† , because a medical financial backup potentially enables you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars during non-routine vet visits and puppy health emergencies.

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