Best and Easiest Majors for Law School

As a prospective law student, it can be challenging to decide which major will be the most beneficial for your future career. There are many majors that are great fits for law school, but not all majors are right for every student. It is important to think about your interests, as well as the potential benefits and costs associated with each major. Listed below are the best majors for law school.

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Whichever major you choose, consider how it will prepare you for the practice of law. If you plan to be house counsel for a large corporation, majoring in business administration is probably not the best idea. If you plan on representing people without access to lawyers, majoring in business administration is a good choice. However, if you plan to work as a public attorney, majoring in law will help you represent the rights of the underrepresented and those who cannot afford them.

Students with a background in humanities or literature can be good candidates for law school. Literature majors can apply literary theories and can gain valuable legal insight. Literary interpretation skills are valuable assets for a law school application, and literature majors enjoy a 75 percent acceptance rate. Majors in policy studies, on the other hand, have an 81 percent acceptance rate. Majors in these majors gain a deeper understanding of public affairs, conflict resolution, and laws that affect the public. Majoring in these fields is helpful for future careers in government or in running for public office.

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