Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

While many people struggle with excess abdominal fat, there are several effective exercises that target the entire lower body and burn significant calories. Deadlifts are a particularly effective choice for burning calories and building muscle, which can help shift the stubborn fat around the middle. To perform deadlifts, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, palms facing forward, and back straight. Then, lower the weight to your chest, squeezing your glutes and repeat the exercise.

Dumbbell rows work the core muscles as well as the back and butts. A bulging belly is often a sign of weak glutes and hunched shoulders. This exercise targets these muscles and engages them in a powerful and challenging way. Stand up straight and slowly and alternate sides. Repeat the exercise several times for two sets of twenty-five repetitions. Afterwards, you can modify your exercise by adding more weight or lowering the weight.

Performing leg raises is also effective. This exercise will target both abs and obliques and improve overall health and performance. It will also improve your body’s tone and tightness and burn excess belly fat. As an added bonus, you can use fitness trackers that measure the intensity of your exercise to see how effective your workout is. When you’re unsure of which exercises will burn the most calories, try some cardio exercises to get a good idea.

One of the best exercises to lose belly fat is the classic crunch. This simple exercise has been a mainstay for fat-burning workouts since the ancient days of Egypt. Kneeling flat with your feet flat on the ground and raising your arms overhead are some of the most popular types of crunches. This workout targets both the upper and lower abs as well as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

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