Can Law School Be Completed in 2 Years?

You can complete your law school education in two years by applying to a program that offers a streamlined program. Most accredited law schools allow students to work up to twenty hours per week, but some don’t. If you need to work, part-time law school may be the best option. The length of law school depends largely on whether you finished your pre-law requirements and passed the LSAT. However, the standard length is three years.

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Several universities have begun offering accelerated JD programs in recent years. New York Law School has recently launched a two-year program with the same curriculum as the traditional three-year program, but it delivers the curriculum over 24 months, making it possible for more people to finish it in that time. The program is aimed at honors students and offers a $50,000 merit scholarship as an incentive. All students are guaranteed postgraduate fellowships as well.

Students can apply to both schools separately, but the process doesn’t have to be rushed. Each school will decide on whether to accept a student, and admission will depend on their individual selection criteria. Professor Clare Huntington at Fordham Law offers advisement and additional information for students. And tuition at Fordham Law is roughly equivalent to the cost of attending primary school. The program can be completed in two years if you work full-time and take the right courses.

A common myth is that law school can be completed in two years. The truth is, it depends on how hard you study. Taking the LSAT can take a year or more, and you need to spend a significant amount of time studying for it. Even with a streamlined program, letters of recommendation take months or even a year. The average cost for a traditional three-year curriculum can exceed $50,000 a year. And that’s before you factor in living expenses or fees related to taking the bar exam.

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