Do Medical Students Have a Social Life?

When a medical student is in school, they often have limited free time. While they are hyper-focused on studying for exams and mastering the test details, most first-years still find time to hang out with their friends and socialize. One of the most popular activities among first-years during their intensive study weeks is visiting local craft breweries, going out for group dinners, and playing games with their friends.

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Leigh Anne, a medical student who recently graduated from the University of Minnesota, is an example of a student who is balancing her social life and studying. Her social life is centered on her schedule, as she has a variety of classes and exams. However, she has managed to find a balance between socializing and studying. She makes plans on Monday nights and attends school events during the week. She even organizes study parties and coffee shop study sessions with her classmates to help her get through the week.


While it may be difficult to balance a busy work schedule with a social life, a premed’s life can be fulfilling. Working in the healthcare field carries a certain social leverage, so it’s important to find activities that help premed students cultivate their relationship skills and build supportive bonds. Although premeds are often told that their social life is over for the next four or five years, this is not the case. In fact, they can still enjoy a variety of leisure activities.

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