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How to Use Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is a live audio conversation feature that enables users with 600 or more followers to create and join audio chat rooms as worddocx hosts, speakers or listeners. Similar to podcasts, these chats offer an opportunity for you to express your opinions in real-time.

How to use it:

To create a Twitter Space, open the Twitter app on an iOS or Android device and tap “+post” to access the Spaces option. Alternatively, scroll to camera hdxwallpaper mode within your app and click on the camera icon for quick access to this same Space option.

How to Host a Space:

Before beginning your Space, think about the topic you wish to cover and who you will invite. Select people with expertise in the topic telesup at hand or who are part of your target audience so that the conversation remains pertinent and attracts an extensive following. Furthermore, collect questions ahead of time from followers and answer them live during the Space.

How to Find Spaces:

When following someone who hosts a Space, you’ll notice a purple circle around their profile picture in both your feed and timeline happn when they are inside a Space. Alternatively, you can search for Spaces using the search bar at the top of your screen in the Fleets section.

How to Join a Space:

Once someone you know starts a Twitter roobytalk Space, you’ll receive notification and be able to join in the discussion. Some Spaces allow anyone who joins to speak while others require attendees to request speaking privileges. Some Spaces are live while others can be scheduled up to 30 days ahead of time.

How to Respond:

When speaking in a Space, you can react to what other speakers say with emojis. This feature makes the experience less intimidating for introverteds and extroverts alike.

How to Share a Space:

After creating your Space, you can send out a tweet informing people about it and inviting them to join. Additionally, you may include links to the event in your tweets or Direct messages.

How to Add Captions:

Captions will appear when you speak in a Space, making the conversation more accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Twitter plans on making Spaces accessible for screen readers soon as well.

Scheduling a Space:

You can schedule your Space up to 30 days in advance. After setting the date and time for your event, invite people by sharing a tweet or sending a Direct message.

How to End a Space:

Once you’re finished speaking in a Space, simply hit the “End” button. Your conversation will be recorded and made available to you as a transcript. You can review this transcript later if desired so that it can be repurposed or continued with followers.


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