Open Culture

Open Culture is a website dedicated to free cultural and educational media. Open Culture was founded in 2006 by Dan Coleman, the Director of Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. Though not associated with Stanford University, Open Culture provides high-quality content. You can also follow the site on Twitter, Facebook, and ifpnewz email. It is also an excellent resource for language learners. Open Culture provides access to an enormous range of free audiobooks, books, films, music, games, and more.

Open Culture’s website is wikiblog organized much like a blog. It features several posts on the front page each day, giving readers a taste of what to expect. You can find resources covering nearly any knowledge base in their collections. There are links throughout the 123gonews website pointing to other resources, as well. For example, Open Culture provides a list of open educational resources, including textbooks and e-books. It also provides a list of frequently asked questions.


Open Culture’s mission is to promote free, accessible media. There are over 1200 films listed in their archive. Open Culture has a separate section dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky films. It’s important to note that the list is not exhaustive – the selections itsmyblog are made democratically. The website includes such bonkers films as Ninja Death Trilogy, which appears to be one four-hour movie cut into thirds and released on bargain newsbiztime bin compilations.

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