Sexually Harassed in the Office- How to Resolve It Properly

The employer, colleague or any of the staff members can cause sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have been a victim, it becomes your choice to handle the case. If you want to get rid of these unpleasant incidents permanently, you need to speak for yourself and fight for justice. It is always suggested to contact a sexual harassment lawyer Austin, TX. If you want to continue working peacefully and build a promising career, you need to take strict actions so that you get mental peace.

Handling sexual harassment in the office

Every employee should be aware of the right steps to be taken if she needs to stop the abuser completely. Some of the effective ways to do it are elaborated on below:

Warn the harasser 

First, it is important to inform the harasser that his actions are unpleasant and unwelcome.  He should stop harassing you after you tell him that he is making you uncomfortable. If the harassment is merely in the form of a joke and the harasser has no bad intentions, he may stop it here. 

If he does not stop the way he behaves, you should send an email or message so that you have solid proof of your warning. It will help you if the matter goes out of control.

Complaint to your superiors

Your next step should be to file a complaint to the superior. The best way to do this is to go through the manual, the company’s policies and the employee handbook. There would be a proper way of reporting to your superiors. You must follow the procedure to do so. If you are confused, you can also get in touch with them personally and ask. The human resource department of your company will also be able to assist you.

Document everything

It is strongly recommended to keep records of the incident, person’s name, position, date and time of the accident so that when you need to prove your claim, you can do it in an effective manner. It is a good idea to keep a record of your performance evaluation as well.

File a complaint to the government agency

If you want to make your claim sound genuine, you should file a formal complaint with the government agency before filing a lawsuit. The agency will keep a record of the person and may take appropriate actions.

After taking these steps, you can get in touch with a lawyer to file a lawsuit. 

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