What is the Worst Job to Have at Home Depot?

There are many horror stories at Home Depot, but there are also many good ones. Apparently, employees who work there hate to pack and reseal boxes. The infamous Watchung NJ store lost $3 million to shrink, and the store manager had his employees sprint the aisles to empty trash cans. Even the infamous Home Depot reward program is in disarray. It’s now smaller than a business card, and employees can’t exchange their “up” rewards for actual cash.

Employees are unable to understand customer questions and aren’t knowledgeable about the products. The company’s CEO Bob Nardelli is a greedy bastard, and the store has never rewarded its lower level employees. The company’s INFOCUS TEAM SAFETY program is a joke. No one knows what any of the products are, so customers are forced to use the yellow pages to find the information they need.

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