What is Ullu? Benefits and Disadvantages

If you’re looking to stream movies and TV shows, you may have heard about Ullu. The on-demand streaming service was launched in India by Vibhu Agarwal and is currently available for iOS and Android devices. However, what is Ullu? What are its benefits? How can it improve your viewing experience? Let’s find out. In this article, we’ll explore its advantages and disadvantages. After all, we’re all looking for a good streaming service, right?

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ULLU’s streaming service is free to download and offers a wide variety of content. The content that the service offers varies depending on your location, but there is something for everyone. Subtitles make the shows more accessible and help you understand what’s being said. The app is available in multiple languages, so you can watch movies and TV shows in languages other than English. There are also several subscription plans to choose from. And while it’s not as convenient as iTunes, ULLU is a great option for watching movies and TV shows.


The Ullu app is an on-demand streaming platform available for iOS and Android devices. The platform showcases original, unique content produced in Hindi, English, and regional languages. Its CEO Vibhu Agarwal has produced several Bollywood movies and web series content. The company also has a film in production in the works that was released in 2013.


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